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My Dreambox

Written by: Sean Hobson

If you could create a box for us to dream in, what would it be like?

My Dreambox embodies me with empathy for all individuals and their unique experiences with the world, past and present. It’s a space where design solutions are created to be perfectly in tune with the end user.

My Dreambox is inviting to others providing equal, infinite access to technology and its benefits regardless of individual experience. It doesn’t need a dongle to connect.

My Dreambox honors the past without judgment as part of a continuous improvement process propelling us to meet and solve the problems of the future.

My Dreambox is inherently connected to nature and all systems that facilitate our lives — where technology is viewed as a means to an outcome, not the outcome itself. 

My Dreambox stimulates all the senses in a completely uninhibited environment where the mind is free to take risk after risk in pursuit of a perfect solution. 

My Dreambox is not frustrated by the media and political rhetoric, instead, it creates a space where storytelling is pure truth stirring raw emotion and empathy and leading fresh design solutions. 

My Dreambox is way bigger than Bill & Ted’s time-travelling telephone booth. Diversity of perspectives rules, imaginations are stretched and everyone fits as we navigate the past, present and future in pursuit of a perfect design.

My Dreambox allows for the responsible creation of a better present and optimal future where there is no collateral damage.


 About Sean Hobson

As Chief Design Officer for EdPlus at Arizona State University, Sean is responsible for leading strategic initiatives and partnerships to solve complex issues in education.  For ASU’s partnership with Mayo Clinic he was instrumental in integrating online learning modules with the Mayo Medical School curriculum.  Most recently, Hobson led the design of the ASU/Uber education partnership.   Hobson earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Clarion University in Clarion, Pa.