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"The lessons of Steve Jobs"

What It Is:

“Steve Jobs” is the best-selling authorized biography by Walter Isaacson published only days after the subject’s death. It is notable, among other things, for examining how Jobs aimed to create an all-purpose theory of intelligent design that he used to transform the allure of technology.  This is Isaacson's Harvard Business Review piece summarizing the "leadership lessons" in that.


Why It Is Important:

Design that is based not so much on the gizmos, but in addressing the needs and desires of the humans, has captured the imagination – at least inspirationally – of multiple industries, especially in Silicon Valley.  We’ll see how that goes.  But focusing on the actual aspirations and proclivities of ornery, cussed, imaginative and always surprising humans – and seeing patterns in them – is probably an important aspect of treating the future as a design space.  – JG