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About Designing the Future

For millennia most folk believed the future is something that happens to us -- we're only along for the ride.  Now, for the first time, we have existence proof that we can steer.  The future can intentionally and successful be shaped.  We asked some remarkable people what to make of that, pushing off from our core questions.

Patterns We Have Discovered
For Designing the Future

There are patterns among the discoveries seasoned practitioners have made in achieving practical, effective, hard-nosed ways of designing the future.   We are collecting scores of these examples of what actually works, and explain them here.   We encourage you to help us add to this process.  

What We're

The future as a design space has been described as "The revenge of Steve Jobs."   People are writing about the implications of this revolution.   We're collecting the insights we find fascinating in this curated library.   You'll find here a brief description of the item, a quick idea of its importance, and a link to the original.