The Patterns

we have discovered for designing the future

704. Visionaries.

This apparent pattern – that has emerged from interviews – is now under development, reality-checking and research.   If you would like to join the team fleshing out or challenging this pattern – or any other – or help the team discover new ones, please contact us here.  

Notes for assembly:

"Visionaries" are tricky beasts.  No one has a crystal ball.  Yet envisioning the possibilities of futures to be designed is invaluable.  Possibly essential.  Certainly motivating.  And some purveyors of such visions -- the most charismatic and vocal leap to mind -- have become legendary   Think, for example, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.   The challenge is figuring out which "visionaries" are nuts.   And which are gifted.   No small task.  Some are both.

Doonesbury, 25 August 1997: